The Mic Has Landed

Finally getting the studio all set to go! I wanted to give a quick update on whats going on, for the upcoming FIRST EPISODES on The MomCast.

I will be starting to record this week, and hopefully will have some episodes to upload for you here, as well as on iTunes. All the links for where to check it out will be all over our social media and on the blog here, as well.

I’ll be covering what my story is in the first episodes, and then will delve in to some saucy subjects for the rest of the week’s episodes.  At this point, I’m working on having at least FIVE episodes for you to listen to right away! From that point, we’ll be on a twice a week, Tuesday and Friday uploading schedule.


Until then, I want to get your feedback!  Ask me a question about myself, let me know what topics you’d like to hear me cover, or just leave a comment to say hi.  Make sure you subscribe to the blog here at to get updates as they happen – and head over to the links page for all that social media goodness.

Can’t wait to blow your mind.

– Laura

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome and congratulations for finding your way to The MomCast website!

I am so excited to launch this one of a kind podcast and website for women and moms who want to have some fun, share stories, laugh and learn from each other.  I guess it’s only natural to start out by giving you the 101 on who I am, and what I’d like to share with you through this awesome new experience!

My name is Laura.  I am a first time Mom, expecting a baby boy this October.  Beyond excited and also freaked out for what lies ahead; as I’m sure all first time Mom’s experience at some point.  Is it just me, or does it really become more real as you get in to the third trimester?

I’m only a couple weeks in to the home stretch… stretch, is that supposed to be a joke or some type of cruel reminder?  I guess I’m about to find out, although I’m sure it will be no laughing matter.

I live in the suburbs of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my amazing boyfriend Mike, crazy ass Jack Russell Terrier Hank, and gender confused fat cat Smelly.  We are a happy little family that is about to get a whole lot happier in the next few months!

My background and education is in Broadcasting and Media Communications; so when I thought to myself, how can I be creative in what I’m passionate about, and enjoy the freedom of being at home with my son once he makes his grand arrival, and connect with amazing woman and mothers all around the world?  The answer was this, creating a podcast for you to listen to, interact with, and probably laugh at from time to time.

I’ll be covering everything from pregnancy triumphs and struggles, breastfeeding, childbirth and all things babies and kids; to product hauls, beauty and sex.  We will cover it all, and through these episodes, I’m hoping we can grow and learn together while keeping our sanity and staying absolutely fabulous.

I am so excited to get recording, and to bring you some quality entertainment.  Hopefully I can make you laugh, think and maybe even cry… especially if you’re pregnant and emotional over, well, pretty much everything.

Make sure to visit the Links page to find The MomCast on all the social medias – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every woman and Mom’s obsession and demise, Pinterest.